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A very sexy and slutty blonde
I didn't even have to ask her- That butter tart knew I wanted a blow job.
by Soundman202 November 27, 2006
A woman's special parts, a.k.a. vagina and related external genital structures
"Maybe we should cheer him up, then."
"What do you think we should do?"
"Well...does he like butter tarts?"
--LEN, Steal My Sunshine (song)
by VM2008 April 02, 2008
A girl with a lot of cushion for the pushin
Have you seen Flood's Mom? That bitch is a buttertart.
by Segaphreak August 31, 2006
A sexual maneuver, in which a man, masturbates his erect penis, directly on top of the woman's genitalia. The male's knuckles will then rub back and forth over the clitirus, providing the woman with an INSANE amount of pleasure, resulting in many orgasms.
'Hey baby, can you come butter tart me?'
'Baby - I would love to get all up in that, and butter tart the heck outta you'
by BigBuck September 14, 2012
During anal sex when a guys cums inside ur ass and you fart out the cum.
While Carmen was being DP'd, Tony shot his babybatter in her ass. She felt a sudden pressure build up and farted. She sprayed butter tarts all over the place.
by run4est January 19, 2011
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