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Ones significant other; Relationship between attractive people.
Wendlle is Tave's new buttbutt.
by lil'princesa October 28, 2009
To hit (or butt) something with your backside (butt).
I saw Joe give lil' Jay the ol'e butt butt, and it knocked him flat on the ground.
by Shit_4_Brains August 27, 2007
A cigarette butt that has been stick in the crack of one's ass, and is smoked unknowingly.
"Chaz smoked one of my butt butts yesterday, what a fool!"
by bigandwide95 February 19, 2010
A term of endearment appropriate only when the person it's directed at is not wearing any pants.
*Girl has just undressed for the shower*
*Boy comes in*

Boy: Hey, butt-butt!
by Breezy Cakes October 19, 2009
When someone has finger in butt sex
if u don't want to lose your virginity do butt-butt
by word??? July 21, 2010
A butt butt is someone you love very much. If you're a guy and you call anyone but your girlfriend a butt butt, you're a huge homo. But if a girl calls you a butt butt, she loves you very much.
"Danny, you are a butt butt."
by thegrottosucks August 09, 2006