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the nasty ass sweaty feeling you get after running a long time, and you yourself become mistunderstood thinking that the sweat, is actually you shitting your pants, just not realizing it, but, its actually sweat
Phil: wow, that 35 mile run was a workout
Pete: ya man, i think i shit myself
Phil; nah man, you prolly got butt-ham
Pete: im not sure, it sure feels greasy, lemme check..yup, butt-ham
Phil: ya dude, go away, FREAK
by Dr. Phillip Shlotkin October 04, 2005
When someone slaps another persons butt with a slice of ham while another guy is slurping the juices coming from the ham hitting the butt
Phil, John and Jim were bored so they played buttham with each other
by OGRE KING January 13, 2015
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