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A big purple dildo that resembles a snake.
Commonly used for ramming closeted-gay husbands' assholes.
Did you see the way Lee shoved that buttsnake up his ass?

When the clock strikes midnight, there the buttsnake will stand, slithered up your asshole.
by BUTTSNAKESR4EVR August 20, 2010
A penis that is used in most part for breaching the anal cavity.
I slammed that broad's poo hole with my butt snake!
by Uberpimp March 18, 2005
a usually brown or green snake that dwells in the bowells until it is full grown and then released from the anus into the toilet world
Grant saw the remains of a very aggresive butt snake all over the toilet bowl, but never saw the actual butt snake he had released
by anonymous388 February 05, 2010
a gay penis.
by Gomer June 30, 2003