Someone who is homosexual. It suggests that they, quite literally, plug up butts. May also be used as an insult to a person.
"He's such a Buttplug" is equivalent to "He's so gay."
by Anonymousnization August 20, 2007
1.The name referred to someone if they are being completley and unreasonabley stuck up
2. Someone who is stuck up so high in his boss's ass he is considered a suck up and hence the name butt plug.
Justin and Nick are both of ej's little butt plug's do they both fit up ther at the same time?
by I'm...Ron Burgandy? November 22, 2005
used in hospital in the OR so you won't shit all over the doctor.
I think my doctor get his kicks using extra large butt plug on mujeres ( mexican women ) .
by itichie_nocanpo June 23, 2006
a name of some one who is acting in a certain way that is to imatate or be like a butt plug
"you are sucha a butt plug"
by Mike December 23, 2002
when you take to many pills and shit a brick. feels like giving birth through your anus
"i was so constipated that i had to shove my finger to break the butt plug"
by Chavela September 21, 2006
What a stripper wears to avoid getting a shit stain on her client during a lap dance.
"Man, am I ever glad that stripper wore a butt plug! Otherwise my white shirt would be ruined"
by The Wizard Key Keeper June 11, 2006
when someone insert two fingers inside someone's butt.
damn! that guy gave me so much pleasure when he buttplugged me
by rael June 23, 2005

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