The act of anal intercourse.
"Hey Matt I'd butt nut in Gabi so hard"
by Alktriofan43 July 14, 2014
When ones ball sack is so big that you can hit them from behind ones butt which cause temporary stinging pain.
When Jack bent over to retrieve his phone, Brook slapped his ass and unknowingly hit his butt nuts.
by Jax in the box May 12, 2011
Butt-Nut is when a male wipes his balls and then his anus.. He then smells it, making two steps one. (Yes ladies guys actually sniff their balls. That tells us wether or not we need to shower.)
Jarred felt lilke he needed to shower so he smelt his Butt-Nut, and decided he could wait another week or two.
by Randy B. December 20, 2010
when you fuck your significant other in the ass and do not take a shower the next day.
I railed my old lady in the ass and woke up late so i didn't get a shower now i have butt nuts!
by jeffro7946 March 23, 2009
When a man cums in someone's anus
I had to take a dump to get rid of the butt-nut.
by knowledge is power February 17, 2005
1. an abnormality of a hermaphodite, that has a testicle growing out of their anus.
Hey, Look at that guy in the thong! Is that a bad case of hemmroides or what?
No, It just has a butt-nut.
by uglyman February 15, 2005
the clumps of human excrement found on arse hairs. they cling to the hairs forming clumps,known as butt nuts. they occur when the bumhole has not been properly wiped with toilet paper.
oh no i have got a load of dried shit around my arse, they are sticking to my arse hairs. i hate butt-nuts!
by Mr Frumley November 02, 2006

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