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pretty much the same idea as bellybutton lint, but it is lint from the underwear that resides in the general area of the butt crack. usually gets caught up in the hair in the butt crack.
hey shut your big, fat, dumb mouth or ill stick my butt lint in your nose!
by spikeguazu November 07, 2007
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the hairy blue-gray substance I pick out of my asscrack
This buttlint tastes like chicken
by great_flaming_chicken October 08, 2003
Lint in your butt
i have a ton of buttlint
by want some buttlint June 28, 2003
n. Something unwanted and of no value to the person receiving it.
That cherried out '85 Yugo my Dad gave me was didn't have a moon roof.
by Harry Flashman June 27, 2003

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