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I coined the term in my 1992 Fantagraphics comic of the same name. So back off slang stealers. It is named for an ass tampon made of toilet paper which looks like a biscuit when molded by the butt. It is not a name for a turd.
My ass is on fire from diarrhea, I need a Butt Biscuit.
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a piece of fecal matter.
"you make buttbiscuits in yer pants! i smelled 'em in class!"
by devi December 18, 2002
1.a person who is a pain in the ass.
2.a person that is a biscuit in your butt
by indian guy February 02, 2009
biscuit made entirely of solid dried shit and ass skin flakes
Mom whats this shit in the fridge?
by bob May 09, 2003
A crap.
"I just made a butt biscuit."
by -Mikey Griffiths, King Of Wales- February 12, 2003

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