To take a pass of a joint and get saliva all over the roach then pass it to a friend dripping with spit.
"Don't give the joint to malcolm dude, he'll total buttsuck it"
by Drewbud315 September 10, 2007
The insertion of toilet paper or a sock between ones buttcheeks to prevent and absorb excess moisture and/or leakage from ones anus and/or vagina.
Sarah was quite embarrassed when her butt suck fell out of her pant leg in line at the grocery store. It was really nice of the gentleman to let her know.
by TJ Karns January 20, 2007
More than an ass-kisser. A real butt-suck!
Condi Rice is a real Butt-suck!
by Cabe April 29, 2005
1 - Something that really pisses you off.
Murder is illegal? Man, what a buttsuck.
by Burton Earny February 15, 2004
When air is sucked into the anus and farted out usally without a stench.
"Man, Dalan buttsucks so much that he has diarreah"
by GorJoe July 26, 2003
Using one's sphincter to stimulate the tip of a stationary penis, in a similar manner to performing fellatio.
I asked her to butt suck me off while we were spooning. She was happy to oblige.

He got butt sucked by a stranger in the parking lot.
by Col. Ephesius Colford May 24, 2011
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