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The sweaty residue left on your ass after exercising or not showering for a couple days.
Holy crap it's hot. I got butt sauce like crazy.
by Pizzleboy April 04, 2006
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1. What the "Postal Dude" says in Postal2 when he ices someone.

2. What a person says when he 'pwns j00'
1. **Blam!!** Buttsauce.
2. He thought he was going to get away, but it was like "blam - buttsauce."
by Fragbait June 10, 2003
1)On Postal 2 when you add certain cheat codes the "Postal Dude" will say "buttsauce"

2)When a girl is getting buttfucked and the guy cums in her ass and some happens to leak out.
"that bitch in the '' porn is just leaking major buttsauce! look at her, she loves it!"
by Buttsauce Snaids April 02, 2007
Anal discharge, also see ass juice. Sometimes caused by buttfungus.
"I'm not gay or anything, but I find that the musky scent of a fat man's buttsauce makes me get a full-on chubby."
by Colonel Turdburglar July 22, 2005
Chili like subtance expelled from the rectum. Can be used as a derogatory remark towards some idiot.
Hey butt sauce get over here.
by hizzo October 18, 2003
Something you say when you're high as hell, broke and hungry, and find money on your person.An exclamation, if you will.
Cool, Buttsauce! I found $10 bucks in my anus!
by Dawg Food August 07, 2006

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