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A term used to describe a person that likes to use the phrase "I'd so pee in her butt" as a way of saying that a woman is attractive.
VO: "Wanna play some video games?"
Howitzer8: "Nah I'm watching TV. Dude I'd so piss in her butt!"
VO: "DUDE, you're a freakin butt pisser!"
by V0 January 22, 2011
The act of pissing in someone's butt, usually done by a man due to the females' inability to aim properly, or

Someone who is a douche
J: You wanna go hang out with Will?
T: Na man, he's a butt pisser.
J: Yea, I forgot about that. He's probably with that queer dude.
by BALLA-T September 21, 2008

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