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A giant zit on your butt that looks like a nipple.
"I just popped the biggest butt nipple known to man".
by foppymcfopfop December 28, 2010
When your two butt cheeks have nipples on them.
Man, when i was doing Sara I saw she had huge buttnipples.
by HeaftyTony April 14, 2010
The name for a pimple on a person's butt. Making that person's butt look like a breast. Usually in the middle of the cheek. Impossible to talk about and impossible to sit on.
*John's thoughts sitting down at a restaurant during an important date*

Oh god. That is very uncomfortable. Ah. Don't make a weird face she is hot. Okay lets just hope we don't go back to her apartment. I can only imagine her face once she sees my buttnipple.
by thebrick916 July 09, 2013
Butt Nipple is whn you have an abnormally large mole on your ass. Or Just a funny name to call your friends.
Hey Ted, Have you seen Fred's big butt nipple?? It's so huge he can't even sit on his left cheek. Lolz
by SquattingBuffalo69 April 22, 2011
a person who has moles on their butt.
"ew, look! that girl has butt nipples!", "oh my god my butt nipple hurts.", "my butt nipples are hard because it's cold.", "i'm getting my butt nipple peirced!"
by heroinplus October 20, 2008
when you have pimples on your butt and they are very raised and annoying.
I fell down today and i think i popped some butt nipple(s).
by mad mike B. May 28, 2008
bumps that you get on your ass that look like nipples.
Damn, Ignacio's butt nipples are bigger than his moobs!
by Johnny"Da Pimp"Erwin April 17, 2003
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