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butt money is when you stick your dollars in your butt crack before paying for stuff. usually butt money occurs when you are waitiing for food to be delivered.
dude they are taking forever to bring us our food. i'm totally giving him some butt money.
#butt #money #food #vag money #funny
by bellewasok December 04, 2006
Money thats been in your back pocket and smells
Person1: aggression dude this dollar smells!

Person2: sorry man that's my butt money
#money #cash #butt #ass #smells
by huddogg January 10, 2010
Money that one pulls out of their ass in a crisis.
When Joe, who's always broke, had to pay $800 to get his car back from the impound lot, he somehow came up with enough butt money to do it. I think he hit up his mother for the help.
#emergency cash #cash #dollar #dollars #broke
by JJJJ1234 December 10, 2006
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