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A person that spends an inordinate amount of time kissing up to someone. Similar to a butt kisser or brown noser but greater in intensity.
George is such a butt leach!
by JollyFatMan April 26, 2005
8 4
Butt leach = co-worker who sucks the bosses ass so hard they resemble a parasite such as a leach.
Omg she totally kisses the bosses ass....she is such a butt leach!
by jamieirene January 27, 2014
2 0
Someone who kisse too much ass and cant take one's lips off of their boss' pooper.
Bob sticks his nose up kevin's ass and has to have hot water poured on him to back off. Bob is Kevin's butt leach buddy.
by Nikolai88 January 12, 2008
4 2