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a sheet used to make a "tent" around a bunkbed on a fraternity porch in order to create privacy and action.
Did you make it to his butt hut last night?
by hambonedoggie October 29, 2009
A gazebo or other covered area (usually in colleges) that is used as a designated smoking location
I didn't smoke since this morning, let's hit the butt hut.
by country life September 01, 2010
A place where many colonoscopies are performed.
Here we are inserting another fiber optic scope in the butt hut.
by Ophirjim November 15, 2011
A backwoods name for a house of ill repute, often used by folks in a small town.
Cmon Bubba the wife's out a town, les go on down to the Butt Hut.
by Meh37 May 29, 2006