paste that forms in the crack of one's buttocks when strenuous physical activity has taken place in extreme heat; usually after a few days of not bathing.
After 3 days of summer camping, I had some serious butt glue going on.
by MixMasta B December 18, 2006
Top Definition
used in internet chat rooms, mmo's etc for when a user loses connection, the butt glue is passed on as a sign of goodwill that the disconnects stop.
Mary is disconnected, then returns

Jim : tosses the butt glue to Mary
Mary: thx Jim I sure hope that butt glue sticks lol
by Perthy May 25, 2016
When one pulls aside a girl's panties, ejactulates on her ass, readjusts the panties, then slaps the ass to keep panties in place. Used to assert male dominance over the female and prevent wedgies.
Did you hear about what Kush did to that ho in the broom closet? He totally butt glued her.
by 913Washington October 24, 2008
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