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Is when toilet paper pieces get stuck on the rim of your Balloon Knot.
I bought some toilet paper at the Dollar Store and I ended up with that butt dandruff yo!
#butt #booty #ass #toilet #paper
by Batman307 August 11, 2015
2 Words related to butt dandruff
The residue left on a toilet seat after wiping ones ass. I.E... dingle berries and poo particles.
Who left this butt dandruff on my toilet seat god dammit!
#butt #dandruff #dingle berries #poo #particles
by JDSD April 03, 2010
when ur butt cheeks are very very hairy, and ur name is david dilbeck, and when u r in launguage arts class (or English) and u get up and there is white specks on the chair!
Bailey- ewwww look at davids chair!
Jane- ew i know its called butt dandruff.
Connor- ha ha ha
#david #dilbeck #butt #dandruff #bailey
by Baymoo April 15, 2010
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