when your butt catches a cold, it sneezes and sniffles alot and maybe itches, and leaks and makes alot of mucous.
i caught a nasty butt cold. it may have been from those spicy nachos...
by buttcold December 30, 2012
Top Definition
REALLY Cold. So cold that even Liz's butt is cold.
Me: Dang, it's cold. How cold is it, Liz?
Liz: It's butt-cold
by adawg November 05, 2003
The temperature of your butt after sitting down on a cold toilet seat.
Jerome: Why are you taking that blanket with you to the bathroom?
T-Raw: I don't want to get butt-cold!
by lolgamergirl69 October 13, 2012
Usually, your mom's fingers and feet get cold first and her butt, because it's so damn big, is the last thing to get cold. So if her butt is cold then everthing else is too, which means it can't get much colder.
A: It's butt cold today.

B: Yes, but your butt is smokin' hot.
by Paulibus March 16, 2010
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