Top Definition
The beer funneled out of someone's asshole
"you kids with your elephant walks, circle jerks, and drinking butt beer"
by Wangs October 02, 2006
Beer filtered through the ass crack. (Hairier the better of course.)
The frat always chose to filter butt beer for the pledges through Pat's unusually hairy ass crack.
by Bewitched December 30, 2006
(transitive verb) to smuggle contraband into a venue (concert, sports, bar, etc.) that involves a pat down by stuffing said contraband into the back of your pants at the very top of your butt crack. Works best for ladies with large asses.
Becky buttbeered a Tecate into the club because she was too broke to pay marked-up bar prices.

Danielle buttbeered her umbrella into the Jay-Z concert and got through security with no problem.
by barefootgirl November 11, 2011
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