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The coldest of cold. Colder than butt ass freezing.When you walk outside and you want to cry from the wind and cold temperatures.
Do I have to walk the dog? It's butt ass cold out there.
by Zildjian01 June 21, 2006
40 8
When it's obscenely cold outside.

Colder than "Friggin Cold" but not quite as cold as "Balls Frozen To Inner Thigh Cold".
I walked outside this morning to go to class and it was butt-ass cold outside! I feel bad for the local *urban outdoorsmen.

*Homeless population.
by UNC_UNC_UNC February 01, 2011
14 3
When you are outdoors and it is incredibly cold out.
DAMN! its butt-ass cold out!
by boshk March 08, 2005
16 6