a really fat boy who likes to wack off
yo u kno that dude chris

yea hes a one of a kind...hes a butla
by Mr. Lingsay August 18, 2009
Top Definition
an unit of measurement for large amounts of wieght used in lynn mass. is roughly 275 pounds (125 kilos).
cotys porch can hold about one butla.
by sMr.F March 31, 2009
the term butla means you are some ones bitch or servent

can also be used as a demeaning insult on the same lines as hoe means the same as reffering to a female as women cept more commonly used for men to demean them in the same since

also can be used houseboyor serffor men wenchfor women
guy1: U MY BUTLA
guy2: how can i help sir

women: yes sir
by c-berry rep July 27, 2006
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