when your fucking a girl for the first time and her vagina bleeds, so you gather up the blood and put it on sandwhich meat and cut it then eat it.
andy- she was a virgin so i decided to do a good old fashion butcher
by fARtbucket February 04, 2012
Very heavy period, menstruation
I'd love to go swimming, but the butcher is visiting.
by Alpha's Wife January 30, 2008
A woman who puts out early and often- one who handles a lot of meat.
"Dude, that girl is totally checking me out"
"Naw, she's a butcher- she's handled more meat than Jack the Ripper"
by FireCrotch5 July 07, 2009
A gay male, due to the fact that he takes meat in the back door.
That Adam lad's a right butcher, i heard he takes sausages in the back door all the time.
Yeah he's a quare bufty-bum-basher alright!
by Daniel Shipley February 11, 2009
a place where they chop up dead animals
i'm going to get some beef from the butchers
by Jonathan November 20, 2003
a scrub that loves men, i mean its like CRAZY. You cannot be cool with butchers...
dude that kis is a butcher
by Butassssaa August 26, 2006

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