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originally from the french "boucher", someone with a mouth attuned to strange and special foods.

the "-ette" denotes a female.

has come to refer to a female with certain skills involving the mouth, usually using exotic steak & meat-specific spices.
She seemed to know her way around the kitchen just fine, but as she served dinner it became clear that she was kind of a butcherette at the table.
#connoiseur #chef #taste #food #spicy #female
by fauxtographic June 30, 2010
A female who cuts meat for a living in a butcher shop.
Amy grew up on a farm, consequently, her physical strength and lack of squeamishness helped make her a very competent butcherette.
#butcher #meatcutter #female butcher #meathead #breaker
by msmccabre June 29, 2010
a tiny murderer.
Eleanor, the dwarf who lived down the hall from me, always seemed friendly but reserved. It came as a surprise to everyone in the building when she got convicted of murder; she was a real original butcherette. How such a small woman could handle so much man-blood has always puzzled me.
#butcherete #bucherette #boucherette #boocherette #butcheretta
by mandolinmandolin June 29, 2010
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