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the blood soaked rag known as the union jack.
they used to fly the butcher's apron on Scottish courts till Siol nan gaidheal got it sorted and now they fly the Saltire!
by pax681 October 19, 2006
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you wrapped yourself in the union jack - the butchers apron
by salmonhardybucks October 18, 2010
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A particularly spiteful sexual act necessitating the consumption of large amounts of red meat prior to engagement in coitus. One must then seduce a strict vegetarian, a vegan being of additional value. Having done so, begin the process of intercourse. In the midst of your passionate love making, induce vomiting, covering your partner in a meaty paste. Be sure to apologize, stating something along the lines of "I had a bunch of meat for dinner, must have messed with my stomach". Enjoy the ensuing revulsion.
Bro, I totally gave that PETA chick a butcher's apron. She cried for hours!
by Sir Reist December 11, 2010
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