A band who had possibly one catchy song called 'Year 3000' or something. Their biggest fans are girls who don't really have a clue about good music they're just caught out by their supposed good looks. It has been rumoured they don't even play their own guitars. Busted also spawned another band called McFly which I swear to god do exactly the same songs as Busted which isn't surprising since Busted write their songs and are their best mates. Anyway Busted could be appealing to some, but not people who like proper guitar music.

See crap
Also see McFly

The new Busted album is out on sale featuring even more strangely contorted faces on the cover! Buy Soon! Only 2.99 'cause it's shit!
by Craig December 30, 2004
Rubbish boy band with guitars who seem to appear on the cover of every single issue of Top of the Pops magazine......even after they broke up. Long outstayed their welcome after their first single. Thought of by pre-teen girls as real rock music, but really just jump around on stage lip-syching and strumming random strings on guitars that aren't plugged in.

See also McFly
Ah, shit. Busted are playing. Bollocks!
by Big Boss March 09, 2005
Brit Pop at it's worst
That's What I Go To School For - Busted

Did you see shitty Busted on TOTP?
As if I watch TOTP you rarsclart, but Busted suck donkey kong dick
by Courtney December 30, 2004
a really lame band who i hate. Sure, what i went to school for was mildly amusing, but then it was jumped on by screaming ten year olds and was ruined...
My brother loves them (well, loved, they split up), and spent ages insisting that they were real rock, which they aren't they are just lazy pathetic pseudo-pop rubbish who wouldn't know rock if it jumped up and down in front of them naked.
And now the lead singer wants to make it in an emo band. He's an idiot with no commercial sense, because he has angered the girl-brigade who made him rich, so they won't buy his new stuff, and the people who he is trying to impress already hate him due to busteds rubbishness...
so yeah, thats busted...
i hate busted, they are really lame...
by theuniqueme February 16, 2005
Ugly, beat, hurt.

Me and my friends made this one up, so if you hear it around... YAY AREA REP
"That bitch izz BUSTED"
by Rachel April 25, 2006
A shitty cheesy op rock band who attempt to copy BLINK 182 when in all honesty they have no chance of doing with such lyrics as "I messed my pants when we flew over france" give me a break you teenage helmet party drop outs.
Busted are fucking shit.
by Matty "Haribo" Harrison December 17, 2004
A crap english manufactued POP group that
1. Mime
2. Pretend to play instruments
3. Dress like people they deffintly aren't
4. Think people will remember them in the year 3000 when no one will now of them by 2006 and they'll have to go on some program like i'm a celebratiy...... or some crap five program just to make the public remember that what we arent missing and try and earn themsevles a record conract and release a single no one will buy
5. try to impersinate and copy well established bands like BLINK 182and AC/DC
6. target the gullibly music markets that is the teenie-boppers and pre-teens
7. Along with there bumchums McFly are responsible for the diminidhing record sell that are stoping the breakthrough of decent british bands
mindwashed child :- i love busted there so good cause they cna jump play guitar and sing
Any other Person:- shut the f**k up you mindless teenie-booper who is responsable for ruining the british music industrie just when decent new bands are coming through
by Dave-Logic December 23, 2004
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