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The act of farting extremely loudly and abruptly.
Damn bro did you just bust a grumpy? I can smell it all the way over here!
by Snowfakee May 31, 2012
2 3
To have to go number 2.
To poop.
To make naughty water.
Brennen had to go bust a grumpy, becuase he'd tried to move and built up enough bodily waste to kill an elephant.
by RevStan January 09, 2004
88 19
The phrase "bust a grumpy" is used to refer to anything that is excreted through the anus, including both gas and feces. To properly bust a grumpy, one must abide by the following rules:
-Claim that he or she is going to "bust a grumpy"
-Excrete something (be it solid, liquid, or gas) from the anus.
Tom:"Dude, I'm gonna bust a grumpy!"
Walter:"Oh, no! Wait!"
Walter:"Oh, man! Everybody watch out, Tom's bustin' grumpies!"
by Losgunn February 04, 2008
51 10
having to take a crap.
Dude, I have gotta bust a grumpy.
by bezel333 December 31, 2005
39 25
Passing a large usually unwilling stool that is rocky hard and very large.
Joban: I gots to go bust a grumpy before i shit my pants.

Jovan: Make sure you dont miss the bowl again.
by A little hack magic July 05, 2010
18 7
Most commonly used in reference to flatulence. Specifically refers to the act of expelling acutely pungent methane gas out of one's butt.
It was the combination of 3 large bean burritos, 2 Red Bulls and a large pickled ghost pepper that caused Jordan to bust a grumpy.
by Mr. Spicer May 24, 2014
0 0
having an orgasm, especially when one has an angry-looking o-face
After getting 20 minutes of head, he would bust a grumpy all over her face
by kkit January 13, 2010
2 22