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Driving; To make a U-Turn.
I gotta bust a bitch onto Nineteenth Street and head the other way.
by Anonymous May 21, 2003
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To make a U-turn! To turn around.
"Hey we're going in the wrong direction, bust a bitch at the next turn".
by Sung S.C. November 04, 2006
To make an improvised and illegal turn or u-turn across solid yellow or white lines, in the middle of the street, or at a red light.
Drivers will often "bust a bitch" when they've driven past their destination in order to not have to drive any further to a designated u-turn lane or a light.

Ex: "Dude, you passed it! Just bust a bitch right here before any cars come."
by Señorita Atlantic December 24, 2013
To make a U turn in the middle of a street.
Hey Mark bustabitch, I seen a hottie I want to talk to.
by Cocky Colin November 20, 2007
a short, rapid "U-turn" made in a vehicle.
"Okay guys, i'm about to bust-a-bitch." Wesley said as we prepared to turn around.
by aj121391 March 24, 2009
to make a u-turn, originally created by me and some of my friends around 10 years ago
damn you passed the street bust a bitch.
by matador350 May 18, 2008
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