Derogatory term for a gay porn star. It possibly came from subtle unwitty jokes, originally spoken by Beavis in Beavis and Butthead.

Example: Ron Jeremy has had sex or dominated hairy bushes, the hair around the genitalia, of both sexes.

It can be used indirectly or politically for instance:

George Bush has had butt-sex with Osama Bin Laden eg promoting him into becoming bushmaster.

Monica Lewinski has ravaged her bush by Bill Clinton in the presidential office by enforcing executive decision over master of the bush.
by asfd777 May 27, 2010
Top Definition
a man who has sex with women who have a large quantity of genital hair.
yeah....that guys a total bushmaster
by ThE SIm e O knee April 16, 2011
Any person (male or female) who is skillfully adept at having sex with a woman.
John: "Rick has had sex with like ten women in the last year."
Steve: "Ten? Are you kidding me."
John: "Nope. The guy is a total bush master from what I've heard."
by lsc9x August 18, 2011
The scapegoat of personal responsiblity, presented by select Democrats as their weapon in their effort to absolve the 2nd amendment. This weapon, mis-identified as an "assault" rifle, is only capable of what the operator desires, much in the way a knife, a car, or their own two hands are capable of.

It has been determined that this inanimate object instantly enrages the soul of whoever holds it, hurtling them into an unquenchable flame of murder and mayhem. The fundamental basis for this theory is unfounded and fully accepted by those seeking a quick answer for a tragedy. Although banning this item will prove futile in stopping school shootings, the scared and meek will feel secure in disarming the law abiding and responsible citizens of the United States.

A semi automatic rifle demonizied by the misguided wife of some cripple hell bent on outlawing everything in America other than sporks.
by Matty Malott December 31, 2012
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