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1.commonly used as a name for someone who is a fat piece of shit, commonly known as fat shit.

2. Bursty can also be used to define someone who is slack to autistic kids such as julian and he will die at 45 due to his extreme fattness.

3. Commonly used to pay out siddy by saying bursty man, due to matt's hilarious japanese accent.
Example one: Grant: hey bursty you fat shit turn around and stop annoying me, jamie and morgan. Mr Trost: Grant give me your diary. Grant: ARE YOU FUCKING SERIOUS? Mr Trost: GRANT!!! Grant: oh sorry, ARE YOU FUCKING SERIOUS SIR!? Mr Trost: thats better, now what happened. Grant, Morgan and Jamie: Bursty is being annoying.

Example 2: Bursty man *spits everywhere*
by Marcus Burst May 27, 2008

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