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A combination of a bag and a purse
Bag sized purse
Girls that have humungous purses

In a sentence...
OMG gurl I love your burse it is so cute where can I can get one
by Dk_smooth December 31, 2013
to be hurt,to be thirstyl, to be sad,or happy
I did'nt get bursed
by Hello2me April 13, 2011
It is a manlier version of the "murse" It gets its name from the 24 star Jack Bauer.
The bag that Jack Bauer carries as he walks off at the end of 24's season 4 and all through season 5 is a Burse.
by Bauer March 23, 2009
A combination of purse and backpack, resulting in a purse sized backpack.
She rummaged through her burse for her keys.
by Fateduel July 19, 2005
A combination of a purse and backpack resulting in a purse-sized backpack. A popular example is made by JanSport. See also prackpack.
She asked him to hold her burse while she tied her shoe.
by Rali July 25, 2005

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