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Sanguine, well-read, and fascinating conversationalists, the Burrages are descended from a fearsome race of Gallic surfers. Their heads, which are perfectly proportioned, are handsome and usually adorned with a hat of the prevailing fashion.

Both a noun and a verb, one can either burrage (approach a task with vigour and panache), or be a bit of a burrage, ie refined yet virile.
"Look at that bloke with the excellent hat! Clearly a burrage."
"Yes, and observe the way he burrages by shooting and skinning that wild pig, afterwards incorporating it into a tasty and excellent risotto."
by John W B January 09, 2006
Originally a clan from the Roman invasion, the Burrages are a rare breed of humans currently living in the Norfolk area. Characteristics are: big heads, and gender swapping (eg. men have high pitched voices, women have testacles etc.), and an obsession with neatness and safety. Beware.
"hey, u know the rocky horror show? i reckon they're a bunch of burrages"

"oh, let me walk you down the road in the dark. Ormesby is a dangerous place, you know"
by hugo wbc cheesy bastard December 15, 2004
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