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a messed up situation
That girl cheated on you? Thats burnt up!
by mkombat December 17, 2005
19 4
- a description of an extremely unattractive person, place or thing.
Monica: "Girl, I finally met the guy from the chat line in person!"

Kia: "What did he look like?"

Monica: "His grill (mouth/teeth), his clothes, his breath and the club we went to...was burnt up!

Kia: "OMG! Did you ditch him?"

Monica: "Of course! Right after he spent tons of money on me"

Kia: " Good looking out."
by MzLadyDark November 14, 2009
10 3
Meaning your out of luck, or unfortunate.
"Can I Get A Ride Home?"
"Got Some Gas Money?"
"Aw Shit, You Burnt Up Then."
by Nayners00 March 21, 2012
5 3
001.. Mufucka's ulgy ass hell.
002.. Not so good lookin.
Uuuuh! look at dat bitch, she burnt up!
by Shanna Baybee January 28, 2009
2 3