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Great Guy, Defender of Truth and Justice and Freedom. Hated by criminals and druggies.
burning_arc totally owned those muggers. He then owned those druggies who got so pissed at him when he told them how weak and pathetic they are for not being able to face there problems and instead just run from them through drugs.
by thx_arc March 05, 2006
The Most Pwnage Person on the Planet.
Burning_Arc Fukin Pwnz j00
by Sir 1337 April 12, 2004
A fucking loser homo that no knows nothing of anyone or anything stupid ass thinks weed is for wiggers wow what a fucking loser

Im not black and niether is 90% of the ppl that do it at my school
burning_arc is such a squase
by Burning_Arc_is_Gay March 28, 2005
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