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A large pile of snow or debris made from a snowplow which accumulates on the side of the road.
"Check out that burm! You could sled down it."

"A truck is coming - take cover behind that burm!"

"You can't even see my house behind this burm!"
by EMMSTAR February 23, 2013
the area between and directly below a female's breasts. Not to be mistaken with cleavage.
"I can totally see your burm." "Your burm is showing." "Stop stroking your burmal region."
by Bixby 4 November 14, 2007
One who lacks the basic hygenic and social skills to lead a productive life.
"You Burm, why don't you wash your hair and go outside for a change?"
by Anonymous October 21, 2003
To be publicly humiliated in front of a zillion indie kids.
"those chicks just got burmed so good"
by flanagan1234 November 24, 2009
to take a short break from eating during a meal.
Waitress: Would you like a box for that? Thank you, no, I'm just burming.
by Ken Blackman April 11, 2006