when you have to much to eat and some of the stuff you just had comes back into your mouth. Burp + hurl.

Dude are you alright?

Yeah I just burled a little.
by philmatic September 13, 2008
to call someone's name and when they turn around you look away or hide, leaving them wondering who called their name
Bob: Oi Jay!!
(Jay turns around)
Jay: Who was that?!
(looks for the person who called his name)
Bob: That's a burl
by yeahrandom August 08, 2008
A burl is a totally chill lax player whos main concerns is beer and chicks.
Burl 1: Dude what u doing brah?
Burl 2: Im totally chillaxin drinkin a brew dog.
by Ryan Malphrus October 19, 2004
n. Verp that exits the mouth.

v. When verp actually exits the mouth.

Combination of "burp" and "hurl".
Dude, I though I could hold my verp in but I burled.
by grizzled March 12, 2006
Used in gay culture to define a cross between a boy and girl. Often used in reference to FTM,transgendered or boyish looking lesbians.
"That shirt makes her look like a burl, it really covers up her chest"
by Boston @ Crews August 08, 2006
Man who is too sure of himself for his own good. Main concerns include beer and chicks, particularly the interaction between the two. Three main aspects of life "laxin, drinkin' beer', looking for the pink." Wears polo shirts on a regular occassion (possibly with a popped collar) wears a necklace, most likely made up of hemp or beads,
loves grateful dead, makes sure he has a good body, etc. Female version: burlette.
That kid driving without doors on his Jeep with beads and leys in his rear view mirror. That kid wearing a pink polo shirt with a popped collar.
by Alex Schmidt October 18, 2004
Word used for the homosexually challenged
I'm going through a stage of burl.
by Mat Kirk March 31, 2004
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