When your extremely high. You won't be able to walk or talk. It takes some white widow or bomb-ass dro (the kind that smells like pine cones) to get you burched.
After that blunt of dro I was burched.
by Blazin'88 September 10, 2007
Top Definition
To artificially make something simple appear more complicated and difficult to understand for the purpose of job security or ego gratification. "He burched that code so he's the only one who knows how to fix it and they cant fire him." Conversely, frequently used by marsh-mellow brains incapable of abstract or logical thought, or amateurs who only understand the rudimentary aspects of their profession to justify their incompetence.
"My professor with his highfalutin PhD in Chemistry burched the procedure for making nitroglycerin when he showed us in class, claiming that it was highly unstable. So I skipped the nonessential burched steps when I mixed the nitric acid with the sulfuric acid. BTW, someone blew up my apartment building last night and I am in Intensive Care at the hospital."
by R.K. Surgeon October 02, 2013
To be elevated in status.
"Whoa man, you were once a garbage man and now CEO? You were so burched!"
by Kenbizzle April 28, 2008
A state of total and utter inebriation to the point where one loses complete control of their faculties, causes injury to themselves, and wakes up with no recollection of the previous day's happenings.
After work, let's go out and get burched.
by &e FUN July 29, 2016
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