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A person (often refers to a female) who looks or appears to be cute, cuddly, laid-back, soft & sexy but knows how to be smart and sassy, to be strong & witty in handling every day's challenges.

An attagirl.

An achiever.

Soft-hearted but determined person.
In spite of all the troubles, she was able to finish the task on time; she's such a bunnybear!

He cried in front of me but he'll always be my bunnybear.

Most men are attracted to a bunnybear type of lady.
by newyorkerlad July 08, 2011
a person (normally female) who is slightly bipolar in temperament and most likely suffers some acute form of MPD. The "bunny" side is unabashedly flirtatious (in extreme cases promiscuous). The "Bear" side is unsociable (again in rare cases a complete and total bitch/jerk). They also tend to enjoy concealing sharp and dangerous weapons under selfmade (commonly via knitting or crochet) cute, cuddley and soft "costumes".
I love to pet the bunnybears but the always cut me.

My friend is a bunnybear. She flirts with me all the time but then she tries to cut my balls off. Literally.

Smurfin' bunnybears, why are they so soft if they don't want to be pet. ::pout::
by akwaryus December 15, 2010
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