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like nose goes it is for choosing a person to do the task nobody wants to do. when bunny up is called everyone uses their two index fingers to make bunny ears on their head. the last person to 'bunny up' is it.
Jordy: Kate go find the remote
Kate: No you do it!
Jordy: BUNNY UP!
Julia: (last person to bunny up) Awww you guys suck!
by clairerocks June 10, 2007
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A way of determining who has to do a task or who gets a certain privilege.

There are two way's of bunnying up the first is to hold your hands up to the top of your head and make rabbit ears with your fingers screaming bunny.
The other one is to drop on one knee and holding your hands up making bunny ears and shouting bunny.

The second one is often used when the first one was to confusing or ended in a tie.

To initiate the bunny you can either be the first one to bunny up thus also securing your safety or the unpopular one of asking if bunnying up is a great solution to the problem and then wait if someone else is smart enough to start it.

If it is a task that needs to be done the last one to bunny up is the one who has to do it
But if it's a privilege it's the first one to bunny up.

Remember you do not ignore the task that needs to be done if you are the last one to bunny up.

This appeared first on the third season of Friends episode 9 The one with the Football when choosing the captaines.
James: one of you guy's has to get the popcorn.
*Bob drops to one knee and bunnyes up, the rest follow suit
James: Roger you were last.
Roger: Damn..!
Bob: I love to bunny up. I never do anything
by HeiĆ°a June 03, 2007
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It's a technique to jump with a mountain bike or BMX: first you lift the front wheel, then the rear using the grip of your feet. It's the only technique that allows you to go over obstacles without a ramp or kicker. You move a little like a bunny, hence the name.
I just managed to bunny up over a 1 meter fence!
by Pierric November 15, 2011
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