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Where they keep the bunnies.
Bind me, gag me, take me to the bunny ranch.
by Ulaliya March 16, 2004
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bunny ranches are giant whore houses, with beautiful chicks, that will do anything you want for thousands of dollars. They aint cheap, located outside of Vegas
jimmy : ey lets go get some poontang at a bunny ranch
by jane doe August 24, 2004
A famous legal brothal in the city of Reno Navada.
When I get to Reno I'm going to the bunny ranch.
by Deep Blue 2012 August 10, 2009
The term bunny ranch refers to a brothel. Most famously the Moonlite/Moonlight Bunny Ranch/BunnyRanch (one word) located near Reno, Nevada. Though it's known for being near Reno, but it's actually closer to Carson City, Nevada, just over the county line outside of Carson in Lyon County. Prostitution in Nevada is ONLY legal through a licensed brothel, and brothels are illegal in Washoe County (where Reno is located), Clark County (where Las Vegas is located) and Carson City (which is a Consolidated Municipality, the city and county of Carson City). The owner of the Moonlite BunnyRanch, Dennis Hof, has owned it since 1993. Hof also owns another brothel that was Kitty's Fantasy Ranch when he purchased it, it is currently named the Love Ranch, but previously carried the name BunnyRanch Two after Hof's acquisition. I'll add some pictures of the brothel's signs over the years.
Let's go to the Bunny Ranch and get a little.
by urbandictionaryupdate July 23, 2015
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