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A hardcore member of the Apostolic Lutheran church. Generally can be seen dressed in hunter's camouflage, dirty/damaged jeans, Carhart jackets, etc. The males tend to drive Jeep Cherokees, Toyota or Nissan pickups, and sometimes if they're lucky, daddy's work truck which is usually a full size Chevrolet or Ford the vehicles are sometimes lifted, poorly, and are always muddy. The females tend to drive small cars such as Honda Civics, Volkswagen Jettas, Saturns, etc. The families drive vans seeing as most families have about a dozen kids.

Bunners are banned from doing many things by their churches. They can't watch TV, use computers, drink, sue or anything else deemed "bad." The only bad thing they can do is use tobacco products. And let me tell you, they use them extensivly. All bunners smoke and/or chew. It just what they do. It's not uncommon to see large amounts of chewing tobacco sitting in a water fountain, toilet or sink in a heavily bunner-populated area.

Since they can't watch TV or play video games or even use the internet, bunners have to find other forms of entertainment. Some examples are: muddin', huntin', shootin', spittin', chewin', fightin', smokin' and just being dicks to non-bunners.

In some areas such as the Battle Ground area in Washington, bunners are very prevelent. In school, it is not uncommon to have more than one bunner from the same family in the same class. If you take higher-level classes, you are less likely to come across bunners, which leads me to my next point. Bunners are not very intelligent and most don't plan on attending college which means they must work in trades such as construction. Almost all bunner families have some kind of company associated with them and almost all the bunners from those families work in said companies. Some examples of companies are: Tapani Underground and Nutter.
Clide: Hey dude, look at all this chew clogging this sink.
Roy: Didn't you see that bunner walk out just now?
Clide: Oh, that would explain it.
by Beau Nerr October 23, 2006
1. Evangelicals who have several children. They children are always well behaved, blonde, and all the girls wear long skirts.

2. Called bunners because of their hair, which is always in a bun but also because they breed like bunnies.
"Did you see the bunner mom driving around her 15 passenger van?"
by The.Big.One January 07, 2012
Badass people who go to a badass church. We have different (true) beliefs, and this is what makes us different. Nonbunners often tend to be jealous, or scared of us. Without reason, of course. There are many localities across the U.S., Canada, and many European countries. The women tend to wear buns, hence the name bunners.
"Oh, look! Those young kids must be bunners. Lets go see where they're from!"
by Bunner July 09, 2014
A librarian, particularly one who subscribes to old school techniques or fits traditional stereotypes.
Ms. Crumpet is such a bunner. Can you believe she still uses a card catalogue?!
by h0llyg0lightly April 16, 2009
Someone who is a buzz killer. When everyone is getting baked at a party and someone volunteers to get carrot juice, they are a bunner.
"dude let's go beat up that nerd after school"
"sweet man let's to it!"
" alright don't tell joe though. He'll be a total bunner about it"
by Nate-an March 02, 2009
The nickname of someone who has pooped their pants effectively making a "bun" in their pants.
There's Bunner again...
by Jim Bob121212 October 16, 2009
A person who smokes weed all day, all night. An expert at smoking, rolling, buying, growing weed. Someone who has a dealer in their building.
-Marcel b-unit
-Victor b-unit
-Richard b-unit
-Shawn b-unit
by Dipset November 18, 2003
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