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To bring a person to orgasm by orally stimulating the bunghole.
I didn't want to use my fingaz so I gave him bungilingus.
by Bighouse October 21, 2004

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the proverbial action of employing ones own tongue to scrape the inner lining of alternative bungus. if more than once bungilingus may apply!
1st guy: that chick isnt even hot

2nd: shes not that bad i wouldn't die if she sat on my face

1st: wait would you lick her bungi?

2nd: dude i wouldn't even hesitate to bung the ling out of that ass

3rd: i bet you get mushrooms on your subway sandwich

1 and 2 : footlong bungi please

4th: welcome to bungway! $5 footlong

by anthony weeneir June 04, 2011