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when you bungee jump and you get so scared you crap your pants
my friend went bungee dumping off a bridge and he had to throw his boxers away and burn the trash can
by guy who farts August 09, 2009
When you have stringy poop that doesn't disconnect when you take a shit leaving part of the shit dangling from your anus.
Dude I took a huge dump last night but it didn't cut. Man, I was totally bungee dumping.
by teddybearslayer102 December 11, 2015
When someone eats some sort of string such that when one takes a dump the shit is formed on the thread of string, and when exiting the anus performs a bungee jump-like action in the toilet bowl.
Hey dude I was watching the fishes in the aquarium and i ate a string and my shit was totally bungee dumping!
by teddybearslayer102 November 28, 2015
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