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the weakest team in the NFL.
"did you see the bungals lose again today?"
"yeah man, they suck!"
by Taylor J Reilly November 21, 2008
A quite offensive term towards someone without any artistic sense, a poser, having very senseless acts and disrespectful. Laughs about something really shallow, easily gets annoyed or pissed off even though they're the one who started it.

The traditional meaning of that is, a person having stupid reasons all the way or a person having disgusting attitude (or set of teeth.)
Denmark: Quite! I'm not a bluffer, I know Taekwondo.
Hirokazu: Shut up! You're such a bungal!
Denmark: No, I'm not!
Hirokazu: Yes, you are! Good thing I'm not.
Extra Kid#1: Smile!
Hirokazo Ono and Denmark Martinez: F*ck Up!
by helloapocalypse667 October 15, 2009
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