Top Definition
1) A situation in which there are many woman, and very few men, present.

2) A large number of vagines, or buns, with an extreme shortage of peni, or sausages.

3) The opposite of a Sausage Fest.
Guy 1: This Maroon 5 concert is awesome! It's a total Bun Fest here!

Guy 2: You're still a faggot for going.
by 100-Watt Warlock October 21, 2010
An Orgy. A party in which the participants have sex. with each other.
At a bunfest, boys bring the hotdogs, girls bring the buns.
by Raw Steam April 03, 2006
the female version of a sausage fest.
girl 1- hey you guys want to come over for a girls only night?
girl 2- yah totally we can have a bunfest
by Murrrrr Beth January 25, 2008
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