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refering to the serial killer ted bundy. litterally to be bludgeoned with a brick, taken to a field, and then raped. However, it is more commonly used in the same context as words such as pwnd and owned.
example one (litteral): "bitch, you got bundy'd!"

example two (common): "dude you were killed like 30 times on counter strike, you got bundy'd!"
by jailcellkidx July 10, 2008
When someone sniffs handkerchief in a parking lot alone only to wake up miles away with their underwear pulled down around their ankles not knowing where they are.
Gee Susie, I don't know what happened last night. Some guy named the good honk came up to me in a parking lot and said they had a deal on some really nice handkerchiefs that smelled like fresh flowers. Next thing I woke up in a field with my underwear missing? I guess I was "Bundy'd"?
by Jimmy Jamesy March 08, 2011