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Screwing over a consumer by forcing him or her to purchase a large amount of games and/or accessories at the launch of a new console. Usable as a noun or verb.
"Gamestop's XBOX360 Ultimate Bundle costs $1200 but doesn't even include a second controller! What a bundlefuck!"

"Electronics Boutique really bundlefucked me when I bought a PSP - I only wanted Lumines but they also forced me to buy crap games."
by Moggraider August 25, 2005
A large group of various objects piled together or fucking.
Tim: Hey dude look over there

Will: Holy shit its a bundle fuck
by Trey Riley July 18, 2008
To wrap oneself and another person of romantic importance tightly in blankets or a sleeping bag and have sex.
Jennifer and I bundlefucked by the campfire.
by Fat Washington November 05, 2003
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