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Steaming great pile of man loving.
"Coming over tonight for pizza and a bundle?"
"FO, im not into that kinda thing!"
by some-guy March 14, 2004
Term used to refer to a collective group of teenage girls.

(plural form of scuttler)
"When I was working in the store, a nice bundle of scuttlers came in.
by Richard and Darrel Greaney January 18, 2004
large amount of things, pain, etc.
well. that would hurt quite a bundle.

Wow! thats guite a bundle of stuff you have there!
by Cheezerk August 07, 2004
The act of hitting, tripping, knocking down, racking etc... someone either in motion or at a stand still. Hilarity ensues after watching the person get hurt.
I saw some dude bundle himself down a flight of stairs.
by Fitz April 09, 2003
thirteen bags of dope
im bout to go cop a bundle, meet me at the spot
by dope man March 16, 2005