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The act of hitting, tripping, knocking down, racking etc... someone either in motion or at a stand still. Hilarity ensues after watching the person get hurt.
I saw some dude bundle himself down a flight of stairs.
by Fitz April 09, 2003
24 74
Come on, you've all done this. Someone shouts "bundle!" and then everyone proceeds to jump on top of each other, until you're left with a big teetering pile of person, normally with one unlucky bugger at the very bottom.
"Look, there's that lamer Gordon... bundle!!"
by Rich P August 23, 2005
148 192
Man-Loving on a grand scale
South Eastern guys often congrugate for a quick bundle.
by some-guy March 14, 2004
12 56
large amount of things, pain, etc.
well. that would hurt quite a bundle.

Wow! thats guite a bundle of stuff you have there!
by Cheezerk August 07, 2004
8 53
thirteen bags of dope
im bout to go cop a bundle, meet me at the spot
by dope man March 16, 2005
25 76