An article of clothing that is worn under ones pants, shorts etc.. worn by a male toddler, child. To cover ones buttox in a cotton material. UnderRoos are an undershirt with matching Bunders.
When getting dressed, you must first put on your undershirt, Bunders and then your pants.
by -C July 07, 2006
Top Definition
Uk slang, common in private schools.

Bunder is a portmanteau of the words banter and chunder, and used to mean vomit/to vomit.

Usually refers to vomiting after a fun night of heavy drinking and partying (hence the inclusion of the word 'banter').
"I was so trashed after last night that I bundered in the taxi on the way home!"
by monkeyapron February 22, 2010
In the UK, this word takes the meaning of vomiting.
"I'm going to bunder on my birthday, whether my parents are there or not!" - Man in the gym yesterday.
by Ian Chode October 20, 2003
Someone who acts like an ass..but jokingly and is funny. Usually people appreciate there assery, not to mention ass
Bunder: Soooo... when will we make out?
Girl: oo mmy gashh ur such a bunder
by Steve Phillips October 20, 2005
To vomit, usually after drinking too much alcohol
Dam i feel awful, think im gonna bunder.
by Nico September 24, 2003
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