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An article of clothing that is worn under ones pants, shorts etc.. worn by a male toddler, child. To cover ones buttox in a cotton material. UnderRoos are an undershirt with matching Bunders.
When getting dressed, you must first put on your undershirt, Bunders and then your pants.
by -C July 07, 2006
a rubber/silicone nipple connected to a base that is given to an infant to suck on.
If the baby awakens in the night and cries, give her the soogie pop it will soothe her.
by -C July 07, 2006
When a male is finished urinating, he must deedle. To deedle is to ONLY shake, tap penis no more then two times to ensure all urine is off the penis.
You must deedle when you finish urinating so no drips will run down your leg
by -C July 07, 2006
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